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Trends in Bio/Pharmaceutical Industry line Volume 5 / Issue 2 / 2009 (download whole issue)

Letter from Editor

Letter from Editor
Janet Xiao

BioPharma News Digest

Xiaoxiao: The Little Mouse, Giant Footprint
Ruby Yanru Chen-Tsai

Intellectual Property

Fostering a Favorable Intellectual Property Environment in Chinese Biotechnology Industry
Janet Xiao and Kun Wang

Biotech Licensing: Key Principles for Building Successful Licenses and Collaborations Between China and the West
Thomas Duley

Innovator vs. Generic: The Interplay of Patent Delisting and 180-day Market Exclusivity
Cynthia Zhang

Patent Issues in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Terri M. Shieh-Newton and Catherine M. Polizzi

IP Strategies for Chinese biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies
Y. Philip Zhang

Society Event

Wish you were there! - Report on The 1st Bio-Pearl River Forum & 14th CBA Annual Conference

Ride Through the Global Downturn - Report on the 11th CABS Annual Conference 2009
Tu Hua

Riding the Economic Wave-Challenges and Opportunities - Report on the 8th Annual San Diego Bio-Pharma Conference

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